What access is required? we can fit through a normal door space with our medium jumpers. The large ones will need a bit bigger then this. 

How long does it take to set up and pack away the castle? Around 30 minutes for both

Can you set up on pavers? We can set up on hard surfaces, the castle will have weights attached instead of pegs in the ground. All surfaces must be flat and free of any rough objects.

Do we have to have someone from your company supervising whilst operating the castle? No, we can set up and leave, you must have a adult supervising at all times though.

Can we hire a supervisor? We can supervise your event for $30 an hour.

Is there an age limit for jumping castles and how many can go on at one time? Medium 8-10 at a time, age limit up to 12 years. Larger combo castles, max of 12 children or 6-10 Teens or up to 5 adults depending on weight. We recommend children are grouped in age groups to avoid any accidents with older kids.

What is the latest i can book the castle for? Due to safety reasons, castles can only be used until dusk unless adequate lighting is provided.

Can I have a castle set up in a park or a hall? We can set up if you have permission from the council to use this space. We also have a generator you can hire so no need for power.

Do you have Insurance? Yes, we have 20million Public liability insurance. 

Are the castles clean before arrival? We usually clean the castles after each use before it is packed away after an event. We will always double check it at set up.

What happens if it rains or is windy? If there is strong winds or severe weather conditions forecast for the day of your hire we reserve the right to cancel a booking if we feel it is a safety risk. We can still go ahead if there is light rain, you must make sure the blower gets covered and the children exit. When the rain stops and the castle is dried, you may continue use.


Do you supply alcohol? No, we do not supply the alcohol, but we will let you know what you need to buy for us to add in depending on what syrup mix has been chosen.

Do you Deliver? We will always deliver the slushy machines due to them being extremely heavy. We dont offer an option for pick up. 

Can you supply Cups and straws? Yes, 50 cups and 50 straws is included in your hire. 

How long does it take to freeze? About 1.5-2 hours. Depending on the surrounding temperature. Could take longer on a hot day. If it takes longer then this, please contact us.